DSC_9025A major component of my enjoyment as a Ceramic Artist is to share my knowledge and passion for clay with others.  I am available to teach a variety of workshop formats either Hands-On or Demonstration at your art center or school.

Workshop: Pushing the surface of the clay

1 or 2-Day Demonstration Workshop – Working in porcelain, Lora will throw a variety of forms, altering, assembling and decorating the pieces using her signature technique and patterns on the clay surface using handmade tools.  She will explore ideas about design, pattern and composition, discussing the relationship of surface texture to the form.  She will demonstrate some glazing and finishing techniques to maximize surface texture.

1 or 2-Day Hands-On Workshop – Working in porcelain, Lora will throw a variety of forms, altering, assembling and decorating the pieces using my signature technique and patterns on the clay surface. Students will make some of their own texture tools and explore ideas about how the surface texture affects the form.  Lora will work mostly with soft leather hard pieces, but some glazing and finishing techniques will also be discussed and demonstrated. Although demonstration of throwing the base forms, hand-builders are welcome and can enjoy learning the texturing process. (Note – For 1-day format students may be asked to bring soft leather hard pieces to work with in lieu of making work during the workshop).

Other Classes:

Beginning and Intermediate Pottery on the Wheel classes at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, Atlanta, GA. Read more about my current class. Registration information and schedules can be found at Callanwolde.org.

Workshop Feedback

“The workshop with you was fascinating and so informative. I have loved the little bag of tools and have had fun…with them. I also pick your cup and glasses every time I pour something to drink. They are wonderful.” – Susan C.

“…I especially enjoyed how much you shared about your personal experiences and the development of your business and your decorative technique…” – Maria C.

“…thank you for a most informative and interesting seminar…well worth the price of admission, several times over. Can’t wait to “push” some clay of my own…”King B.

“…What a wonderful workshop…Lora was such an inspiration…”Andrea

“Wow!  Lora Rust’s workshop was amazing!  I learned so much: new techniques, new commercially available tools, how to make my own tools for applying her technique, and I gained references to many books and websites for inspiration as well as techniques for form, function, surface decoration and glazing.  What a complete and informative lesson !   But wait… She also gave excellent demonstration on the wheel, joining handles, and surface decoration!  There was ample time for us to practice applying her techniques, and Lora provided great supervision and one on one problem-solving/tips as needed. I walked away with 2 finished pieces that I am happy to show to my family. :-)”  – Dawn E.